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Please find the most common questions and answers about our plans below. If you can’t find the answer please write to us.

With every plan you get a free access to Chrome extension that will help you generate LinkedIn prospects and send them to the list located on the main Prospect Role App. The App will help you to enrich the data of the LinkedIn prospects and help you find the business emails. Aditional Chrome extension is available to find business emials of LinkedIn prospects individually.
Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any given time.
Yes. You can cancel your plan at any given time. Your plan will be canceled automatically after it expires. The cancelation will happen after the monthly period for monthly subscription and after a year for yearly subscriptions.
No. You do not need to enter a credit card to test the product.
1 email search credit = valid business email found
1 data enrichment credit = If at least one data point has been provided to enrich the prospects with LinkedIn URL
1 email verification credit = for every email that we process though the verification engine
Data enrichment requires a Linkedin URL of the prospects. You can generate role-based prospects with the main Chrome extension. Those will be sent to the list where you can use the data enrichment feature. We provide only the data for prospects that we can find and we charge credit only for prospects we were able to find additional data points.
No. We reset credits monthly. However individual (One-time) purchases of data enrichment packs do not expire and will be carried over.
Yes. We have a upload data feature that allows you to map data to our available, standard data points. You can use that data to run the bulk data enrichments, bulk email searches and write custom icebreakers.
We are GDPR aligned. We do not store your data for more then 30 days. Every prospects and lists will be automatically deleted after 30 days. No worries, you can always export your data. Alternative is to copy your data to newly created list or reupload the exported list. Read more about our Privacy policy and Terms of service. Your data is not shared or anyhow distributed to 3rd party services.
No. You can cancel your plan anytime and pay only for the running month. The system will cancel your subscription after expiration date.