How to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn for free – 6 tools 358 free credits

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All the web pages you have found explaining to you how to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn for free are probably rubbish, too long and potentially inaccurate. Finding someone’s email should be nothing but straightforward. Here’s our learning and advice.

Use the dedicated tools

There are TONS of tools like chrome extensions and cloud solutions that will help you with that for free. Even we are building one – Prospect Role – soon to be an ultimate tool answering how to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn and beyond. Almost all of these tools offer free credits on the trial subscription plan. The credits can come in a fixed number or monthly with a free subscription plan.

If you subscribe for 10 of the tools you’ll have enough monthly credits to supply your pipeline with – let’s say – 200 or even more business email leads on a monthly basis. As soon as you can afford to pick your dedicated tool for finding emails, stick with it. But make sure you do your due diligence in order to be sure you are getting the best results – using accurate emails that won’t bounce and damage your sender reputation.

Find someone’s email address on LinkedIn with the following tools

Here’s to 358 free credits collectively every month. Cheers.

NameFree CreditsData typeSubsciptionCredits for payed subsciptionAccuracy
Prospect Role(in development)Real time search29$100099% – 100%
Lusha5Real time search99$100Unknown
Lead Leaper100Real time search29$2000Unknown
Skrapp150Real time search49$1000Unknown
Series of tool offering free credits to search business emails

How to find out which of these tools are best?

It’s great when you see a tool providing you with a free email of that LinkedIn profile, right? A slight shot of dopamines hits you when you see that green light, indicating that the email for that person was found. You are an email away from closing that deal you are chasing for. Well, hold your horses. Not all emails are accurate. Some tools even camouflage the accuracy, luring you into using the tool.

None of the tools is actually able to vouch for 100% for the email accuracy. You will have to learn about that for your self by

  1. Check online reviews – make sure it’s based on sufficient number of reviewers
  2. Pick the top 3 tools and run a test for yourself
    The best way to do that is to gather 100 emails with each tool from a very similar target audience and run the campaign with the same email provider. You will see how many of those emails bounced back and which group has the highest open rate. You can tolerate the bounce rates between 0-5%, anything above that – is a no go.


As much as we respect the solutions of competitive tools, there is a reason why we decided to develop Prospect Role. A tool like that should be affordable and most of all accurate. Of course, we have pretty subjective opinions but Prospect Role is serving us good and we tend to improve it continuously. Some of its functionality we even share for free with you, our audience.

In the end, aim to choose a solution that goes well with your company policies and use cases. If those two conditions are checked, select the one that provides the best user experience for you.


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