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Indie Worldwide outreach experiment got 25% more attendees on ‘autopilot’

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“We used Prospect Role to kickstart our cold email campaign and saw a huge bump in RSVP’s as a result. Instant addition to my marketing toolkit, it’s like having google search super powers.”

Anthony Castrio, Founder and Host at Indie Worldwide

Indie Worldwide is 1000+ member community for makers who can’t get to an in-person meetup group or want to expand their circle beyond their local area. Anthony Castrio, (Founder) hosts online video chats where you can make friends, meet co-founders, find new clients, and get advice. 100% online.

A session room in one of the Indie Worldwide monthly events
One of the session rooms in one of the Indie Worldwide monthly events

Indie Worldwide is building a Founder’s Club. Upon subscription, for a small annual fee of 80$, you receive carefully selected introduction (once a week) to a founder who has the potential to be a good business fit and can help you change your business. The average member of Founders’ Club has made at least $30,000 in lifetime revenue and many $100k+. More on this link.

Searching for leads

In most of the scenarios every outreach starts with the target audience. And the perfect audience for Indie Worldwide are early business founders, developers, product managers and all Indie people with independent thinking, using their own internal compass towards learning and success.

As soon as we start talking about roles, Prospect Role hits the spot. Prospect role helps to generate a list of leads with specific titles (roles) in seconds. Our Chrome extension alone can help you generate 1000 and more of LinkedIn profiles within a minute if used correctly.

After having a list with Prospect Role results and some added Twitter profiles, Anthony hired freelancers from Upwork to find additional data, look for business emails and write a personalized introduction.

(That task can be done by yourself if you have enough time on your hands.)

Start the outreach

After the data was complete with emails and personalized outreach snippets, it was time to plug everything into email outreach tool. Anthony decided to use Lemlist and these are some early results he got from his outreach. Quite outstanding – see below.

The results?

The results are just fantastic. Thanks to using a good targeted audience, personalized messaging and Lemlist for automated email outreach.

The outcome from a small email campaign using Lemlist. All the replies were positive.

The campaign ended with 25 new sign ups for the next event which was a very fruitful outcome for an experiment. That being said Anthony is preparing a larger targeted audience that will feed the pipeline with new attendees.

Indie worldwide community is an awesome place to meet people with similar business interests. Let’s meet there. Join us for a chat.

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