34 Important Questions Answered About “Killer” Cold Email Campaigns

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How many questions you had when you first started thinking of launching the cold email campaign? Entering into a cold email campaigns space can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. For many, it simply starts and ends with an email campaign provider, but there is much more behind the whole process. It requires patience and knowledge and a healthy level of experience in order to reach really good results with cold email campaigns.

We have been going through that journey for quite a few years now and we collected all the questions asked before and during our experimentation. It’s only right to share that experience with you. For each question, we will deep dive into the content and present it in a series of blog posts. We decided to deep dive into all of them with a collection of blog posts. Stay tuned for the fresh ones. Voila, hope it helps.

Questions And Answers

Why are we doing email campaigns? What are we trying to achieve?

What kind of final results do we expect from email campaigns? What is our main KPI?

How many emails are we going to send on a monthly basis?

How many successful actions or replies do we need to get to call it a success?

How to find ideal companies and roles inside to which we will sell to?

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Who are our targeting groups?

How to identify the right target groups for your cold email campaigns?

How is targeting affecting results of cold email campaigns?

How to categorize target groups per cold email campaign? (per role, per country, per activity, ..)

What kind of campaign are we going to run?

Are we going to use plain text or enriched format in the content of our emails?

If we use enriched format (images) what are those images going to be?

If we use plain text, how long should that text be?

What is the best structure for plain text cold email?

Should we run multiple campaigns so we can A/B test the performance?

What should the email subject title be?

Should we optimize the signature and make it professional?

Should an email signature contain an image (logo, personal photo?)

What technical aspects of cold emailing should we consider?

Should we use another domain in order to avoid higher bounce rates and maintain domain reputation?

Which email provider is the most reliable? (gmail.com)

Which cold email campaign tool is the right one for our needs?

Why should we warm up our email account?

For how long and how should we warm up an email account and how does it work?

How can we track an open rate of our emails?

What is a normal open rate for cold emails?

What is a normal reply rate for cold emails?

What is a normal bounce rate for cold emails?

How to A/B test your cold email campaigns?

How to generate a massive list of emails?

How to find leads with roles from a specific country?

How to find Linkedin leads for free?

How to avoid spam folders?

How to verify emails?

Who should you target when sending mass emails to your prospects?

How to avoid landing in the Promotions tab?

What kind of question would you add? What were your top questions when starting with cold email campaigns?


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