Create prospect lists with LinkedIn contacts.

Generate LinkedIn leads with highly accurate contact info. Reach out knowing your message/email will land in people’s inboxes. TRY IT FOR FREE.

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why Prospect Role?

Find business emails in real-time with a high-quality email verification method.

Generate LinkedIn profiles.

With the Yellow Chrome extension scrape results and send them to the Prospect Role list.

Find email addresses for your LinkedIn Profiles

Use the Blue Chrome extension to visit these profiles and find business emails in real-time for each profile.

Write a personalized Icebreaker and increase the email reply rate.

Your email won’t go unseen with writing a personalized icebreaker for each of your contacts. We’ll help you boost your reply rate.

Increase your reply rate with personalized Icebreakers

Unlock meaningful connections with every prospect by leveraging personalized icebreakers, ensuring you make a lasting impression from the very first interaction.

Icebreakers for your outreach messages
Every Icebreaker will get you closer to a better reply rate.

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